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August 29, 2010
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Helios Conf. Round 1 - Lilac by Elistanel Helios Conf. Round 1 - Lilac by Elistanel
I hope this is good enough~ It took about 17 hours I think o.o

If you can't read it, try downloading. Or it'll be in the bio somewhere.

Edit: Made it! I am number 047 on team green~
Edit Edit: As of round 5, pokemon and their moves may be found here.

Blank Application: [link]


Name: Lilac
Age: 20
Birthday: October 30
Gender: Female
Height: 1.7m/5'7"
Weight: 60kg/132lbs
Hometown: Lavender Town, Kanto
Occupation: Channeler/Trainer (Ghost Specialist)

An experienced channeler from Lavender Town. Lilac is skilled enough to not become possessed every time she battles, unlike some of those amateurs (and fakes) hanging around the Pokemon Tower. Lilac suffers from insomnia and often appears sickly, resulting in her sometimes being mistaken for a ghost under bad lighting. Lilac has a gentle personality except when woken up. She likes the sleep she gets, so she may sic her Banette's sucker punch on anyone that dares to wake her.


Lilac spent her childhood in Lavender Town, most of it in or around the Pokemon Tower. She got her taste in clothes from seeing so many mourners. While born with some supernatural power, Lilac developed hers as a child by spending time around the ghosts in the Pokemon Tower. She tends to avoid other channelers after being attacked by one that was supposedly possessed. She learned to make seals from some of the elders in Lavender Town before setting out in her early teens to try and find more ghost Pokemon besides Gastly and its evolutions to raise.

Lilac started to develop insomnia after learning to actively use her supernatural powers. It intensifies when she does channelings or exorcisms, so she believes her inability to sleep soundly is related to her own power rather than her ghost pokemon, as some people have suggested to her.

Lilac makes seals and sells them to trainers to make money. She gives the placebo seal to people that think they're being followed by ghosts, or possessed, telling them it's one use only in case they later do get possessed or stalked by ghosts and think the placebo seal will protect them. She is working on making her own seal. It is still in experimental stages and is currently known as the "Wouldn't you like to know" seal.

Her specialities are trance channelling and clairaudience. Lilac has almost no clairvoyant ability.


When Lilac and Froslass first met, Lilac was unconscious in a snowstorm. Froslass dragged Lilac to her cave, which was still cold, but at least didn't have gale force winds. Worried when Lilac didn't wake up, Froslass used an old move, Wake-Up Slap. Banette escaped her pokeball and sucker punched Froslass in retaliation while Lilac worked out what had happened. Lilac waited out the storm in the cave, trying to use Banette's Will-O-Wisp to keep warm and was guided to the next town by Froslass. Having bonded, Lilac and Froslass decided to continue on together. Frolass is very shy, and will try not to appear around others. Froslass uses the loose red thread from her obi to use Destiny Bond.

Shedinja was encountered in a forest. It had been discarded by its Ninjask counterpart and left to levitate all by its lonesome, hoping no bird types decided to peck it. Shedinja was more than happy to go with Lilac. Shedinja dislikes being alone and seeks out company. Shedinja usually wears a cape so others are less nervous about having their souls sucked out around it.

Lilac's starter, obtained as a shiny Gastly in the Pokemon Tower. As a Gastly, he took to following Lilac around Lavender Town after he saw her in the Pokemon Tower. Gastly befriended Lilac after protecting her from one of the 'possessed' channelers. Lilac isn't convinced that all of them really are. Creepy jerks. Haunter realises it is in an excellent position, being the only male pokemon in a team of females and Shedinja. (Who evolved from a female Nincada!)

Considered the baby of the team because it refuses to evolve. Duskull was shunned by its fellows because it seems to have two smaller eyes rather than one big eye. Duskull took to following trainers around until Lilac took the Duskull in because it seemed playful and because it was going to follow her anyway. Duskull seems to have poor eyesight, possibly as a result of having two eyes. Because of this, it gets right up in people's faces. Its Mean Look attack is very effective. Duskull likes to hover behind people in photos. Lilac has tried to get Duskull to wear glasses on occasion, but has trouble getting them to stay on its face, as Duskull has no ears or nose.

Lilac found Mismagius one night while travelling. Mismagius was headed the other direction. They battled and Mismagius was caught. Mismagius spends a lot of time out of her pokeball casting happiness inducing chants on trainers. Mismagius is somewhat shy, so she often looks at the ground, causing her small head to disappear behind her hat.

Lilac rescued Banette while it was just a Shuppet. It had gotten trapped in the eaves of a house while feeding on the occupants' negativity and had been separated from its swarm. Banette is very devoted to Lilac and tries to help her sleep by punching anyone trying to wake her. Banette is Lilac's most aggressive Pokemon.
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I'm gonna need so much help in this goal roll thing. I barely have any idea what the heck it IS. LOLLLLLLL.

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