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WPN: Akane Aiko by Elistanel WPN: Akane Aiko by Elistanel
You know you're doing it wrong when the little photo is better than the big full body thing. Waiting for the next opening~

WALL. OF. TEEEEEEXT. :iconspartaplz:

Name: Akane Aiko
Age: 14
Height/Weight: 5'3"/107lbs
Puella Group: Charlotte
Job: Waitress
Weapon: Energy Bomb
Wish: "I wish to be effortlessly pretty. Make it happen, rodent."

Nasty, vain, selfish, lazy, rude... About the only thing she's got going for her is that she doesn't do anything outright illegal and her looks. You'd hope someone like this would at least be anti-social, but unfortunately she enjoys going out and being unpleasant to others. Good actor. If she knows she is going to have to spend a lot of time with people in future (such as with the people at work and previously at school) she will behave like the kind of person she thinks the other person would like. She will then take advantage of the people she has fooled when the opportunity arises, frequently extorting free meals and small amounts of money out of them. Will be nasty to people in Puella Groups other than Charlotte.

Likes: Herself, the grass on the other side of the fence, delicacies (regardless of taste), rare and expensive things, money.
Dislikes: Her co-workers, her boss, pretty much everyone really, anything requiring effort without gain.

Akane is an only child. She had her working father and her stay at home mother. Her mother liked to spend a lot of money, and her father liked to work a lot and make a lot of money, so somehow her family managed to get along without any divorce orders or festering hatred.

Akane spent most of her formative years tailing after her mother and her look-alike high society friends. They all tended to gossip about each other and engage in a lot of backstabbing. Although since they all looked the same, Akane grew up believing it was fine to say exactly what you thought of someone to their face. Her mother also pointed out the flaws of others walking down the street or shopping. The tackiness of their clothes and jewellery, their stupid haircuts, and so on. So Akane also learned to criticise people. Upon entering school she was soon taught otherwise, and was given timeouts and detentions until she learned to be 'nice' to people's faces.

She spent her school days not bothering to interact with anyone because she hated pretending to like them. She entered middle school and suddenly everyone started trying to look pretty. Akane tried it once after being pressured by her mother but decided it wasn't worth all the effort every day. She wasn't that impressive looking to begin with so it took far too much work. Of course, naturally pretty people didn't have that problem.

One day Kyuubey showed up while Akane was thinking particularly nasty things about the 'pretty girl' group and offered to grant any wish. Akane had no problem accepting this and said, "I wish to be effortlessly pretty. Make it happen, rodent," after making a few threats about turning him into a fur collar if he got it wrong. To Akane's surprise, the wish actually worked, although the only thing that stayed the same was her eye-colour. That was a little insulting. Akane spent a few hours admiring herself before going home. Her mother came home soon after and threw Akane out, not recognising her and thinking she was some kind of thief. Akane made a few attempts to convince various people of her identity but soon gave up and moved on. She stopped attending school and started using her face to get work.

She joined the Charlotte group and moved to Mitakihara after discovering she would have difficulty obtaining grief seeds alone and started working at a cosplay cafe nearby her rented the apartment. When not fighting witches she is usually found in costume handing out flyers for the cafe or at work. She tries to cosplay mean characters as often as possible so she can be herself to the customers without getting fired.

Wish Side Effects: She doesn't grow/show physical signs of aging any more (as aging is not considered attractive by the majority of people), so if she wants to grow she needs to start stacking on the weight and then use her special ability to force growth which darkens her soul gem so then she needs to get a grief seed... So she just doesn't bother. Tiny for eternity!

About the weapon: It looks weird, so it's time for a how it works! The round thing is condensed energy which is why it looks like a big soul gem. It's the bit that explodes. The things sticking out sideways like the bits on a tap need to be turned to make it explode. It's pointy at the end because they don't turn unless the whole thing's been rammed into a wall/witch/the floor. It's really heavy and does set things on fire upon going boom.

About the outfit: Spiked shoes and thick gloves for grip, since she climbs things. Knee guards, because knees are prone to scrapes and Akane's strategy involves a lot of running away. The cloth part of her outfit is very frail, so in the event that she doesn't run fast enough and gets caught in the explosion any bits of her clothes that catch fire can be easily torn. Her soul gem is located on the back of her right hand. Her weapon will always materialise in that hand.

Special Ability: Her appearance was completely changed by Kyuubey, so she now has some 'shape shifting' abilities (within reason). She's kinda stretchy, but has to maintain her mass and the same general body shape. Arms, legs, head, torso. So she could try to grab something 100 metres away, but she'd end up stretched as thin as a pencil and be unable to move until returning to normal. She can rearrange her face a little for work to look older or younger (but she doesn't do anything drastic because normal people might get suspicious about that). Energy is quickly used to maintain inhuman changes (hello, Monkey D. Luffy) but not things that a normal human being could achieve through cosmetic surgery or implants. In that case, energy is just used to make the initial change and any subsequent changes. She gets no speed/strength/regen boosts unless she makes her legs a bit longer so she covers more ground or something.

Battle style: The weapon could be used for stabbing and bludgeoning, but it's too heavy to be used effectively that way since she is little, so Akane only really summons it right when she's about to try and blow something up. She'll then only summon it when she's absolutely certain she'll hit what she's aiming for, because her weapon uses more energy than her 'shape-shifting'. Mostly uses her stretchiness as a short term distraction or to stop herself from going splat when she's climbing things. She climbs things when possible so she can jump off whatever she was climbing to use her weight to drive her weapon into the witch since she has trouble lifting it otherwise. May kick people/witches with her spiked shoes. Isn't likely to yell for everyone to run away once she sets a bomb. Does not play fair! May attempt to steal the grief seed.
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carrot-muncher52 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
Wow, cool design, and her accepting herself as possibly antagonistic puella magi is refreshing:la: If i ever get in, i would love to roleplay with her :D
Elistanel Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011  Student General Artist
Thank you X3 We'll keep an eye out for openings then, shall we :3?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011
Her someone so concerned with her appearance, her costume is surprisingly simplistic. I suppose since she doesn't deny her darkness, nor does she ignore it and perhaps simply accepts it, could be why her soul gem here is implied to be sturdier than most.
Elistanel Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2011  Student General Artist
That gives me an excellent idea for a comic actually, her 'casual' clothing is more complex than her costume. That's her, proud to be a jerk.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2011
"That gives me an excellent idea for a comic actually,"

The 'soul gem hardier than most' due to being a jerk and accepting herself as a jerk?

"her 'casual' clothing is more complex than her costume."

That's just weird given Puella Magi. I wonder if that's for irony.

At any rate, cool character.
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